One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month, June, Sedona, AZ Family trip

I’ve been telling myself I want to take pictures of Jake eating breakfast for awhile now because we get great light in the mornings by the table. And look at that face! He’s currently  out of town with my family and I miss him even more now. 
2015-06-24_0015We took a quick trip to Sedona in our little vintage camper a couple of weeks ago. It was hot when we got there but by 2 it started pouring on us and brought the temps down to the 70’s. It was awesome! Jake loved the creek and throwing rocks in it. You know, boy stuff. I’m so glad I decided to capture our short trip. 
2015-06-24_0004 2015-06-24_0005 2015-06-24_0006 2015-06-24_0007 2015-06-24_0008 2015-06-24_0009 2015-06-24_0010 2015-06-24_0011 2015-06-24_0012 2015-06-24_0013

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