One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month, April 2016 Personal Film Project

Finally get back in the swing of my personal film project of my kids. This month I decided just to take a few of us at breakfast time and messed with the lighting. I love that I have these images to look back on us.
My challenge to myself is to get in more pictures from here on out. I challenge you to do the same.
2016-04-26_00022016-04-26_00032016-04-26_00042016-04-26_00052016-04-26_00072016-04-26_0006We went to Butterfly Wonderland for the first time. Ive been wanting to take my oldest for awhile and finally felt like he was ready and wouldn’t try stepping on the butterflies. He loved it! He did try blowing on them every chance he got though. It was such a cool exhibit that they offer for us desert folks who don’t see butterflies all that much.¬†2016-04-26_00082016-04-26_00092016-04-26_00102016-04-26_00112016-04-26_00122016-04-26_00132016-04-26_00142016-04-26_00152016-04-26_00162016-04-26_00172016-04-26_00182016-04-26_00192016-04-26_00202016-04-26_0021

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