Phoenix Maternity Boudoir Photo Shoot, Megan, Phoenix, AZ

Maternity photography is my all time favorite thing to capture. I don’t know what it is but the amazing things that a women body can do is just beautiful. Its like an out of body experience sometimes and you don’t feel the prettiest and your emotions are a little out of whack and your body just isn’t all yours anymore. So my goal is to make you feel like you are a goddess because well you are! I try to capture you so you can look back and realize what an amazing thing you went through for your babies and totally rocked it.


“This pregnancy has been rough to say the least. I don’t feel pretty, I dread my 12 hour shifts at the hospital due to fatigue and uncomfortableness, and my pregnancy “glow” is really just sweat from it being a furnace outside. Honestly it’s sad to admit I’ve spent more time focusing on my woes rather than my blessings.

This morning as I was struggling to get my body to fit into a pair of scrubs for my shift, my hair a mess, and the guilt of drinking another coffee, my daughter Blake ran into my room and kissed my belly and said “Mama, pretty!” I started to tear up (thanks hormones). And in that moment it I was able to embrace the joys of motherhood and these beautiful creations that I made. Thank you Blake and Demi for choosing me to be your Mama and for teaching me the true definition of unconditional love.”

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