Emily & Jake Bridal Portraits | Arizona Wedding | Phoenix Wedding Photos

  I loved getting to capture this special moment for Emily & Jake. They opted to do their first look and bridal portraits the week before their wedding. It took the stress off the wedding day when you have so many photos you already have to think about and they got to do the in a beautiful setting. I wish I could post every photo of their bridal shoot but that would be way too long of a blog post.

“Jake and I have gone to school together since we were in kindergarten. When we were in 5th grade, we became best friends and ever since then we have always hung out with the same group of friends. We dated for about a month when we were 14, but then decided it was best to just stay friends even though deep down we both knew we were going to somehow end up back together. Fast forward to March 2016 and Jake surprised me with a kiss as he was leaving! After two years of dating and traveling together, he sent me on a scavenger hunt and proposed to me on top of a mountain. We got married on November 10th, 2018 and I thank God everyday for bringing us together over 13 years ago when we were just little kids.” – Emily

Emily & Jake I wish you a lifetime of happiness. You guys were the sweetest and more grateful couple ever! I am equally as as lucky and grateful to get to capture your special day!


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