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Sedona weddings are always epic no matter what type of wedding you have. It can be an elopement or a huge wedding but the surroundings there just make it the most ethereal place ever.
When you think of Sedona you probably think of the epic red rocks it is surrounded with. I feel in love with it almost 10 years ago when I came to visit it and decided I had to get married here. Now I wish I would of taken advantage of the amazing locations it has to offer and got some epic photos.

Their story-

“5 years ago my husband and I met in San Antonio, TX, when my best friend had her 21st birthday. I was wild and reckless and this cute man was our designated driver for the night. His name was Zach and little did I know was that some day I would settle down and marry him. We went dancing and actually didn’t hit it off right away. We both danced with other people throughout the night and didn’t think twice about the other person. Months went by and Zach would call me once a week, I thought, who calls these days instead of texting?

I was in a rough patch in my life and one day I opened up to Zach who was quickly becoming my best friend. Zach was brought up in a Christian home and challenged me to start going to church. I began going to church and moved back home to California. Zach and I slowly stopped talking but I continued my walk with Christ and a few months later I got baptized.

Zach took a job in Arizona and a couple months later I got accepted into a nursing program, also in Arizona. Zach and I got together for dinner and we completely hit it off. A few weeks later Zach asked me to be his girlfriend, 9 months later he proposed. Now this cute boy who I met on my friends 21st birthday not only is my hot husband, but my baby’s daddy as we are expecting a new addition to our family in January 2020.” – Kat

Makeup- Carolina Takahashi
Dress- Reclamation Magic Dress
Models- Kat & Zach Waters
Floral- Blooms by Isabel

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