January 13, 2018


Love this family so much! They just welcomed their second baby boy in December and i’m so excited to share the boy mom title with my dear friend Kourtney. She is one of the sweetest people ever. She totally makes being a mom look good. “When Lynette asked me to write a statement about motherhood […]

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot, Film newborn, Emerson, Phoenix, AZ


I seriously have the best job! I know i’ve said it before but I had to say it again. I get to capture one of the best times in a couples lifes. Yes sometimes those times are crazy, tiresome, and downright not fun all the time. But man is it a beautiful story. This family […]

Lifestyle Newborn Session, Surprise, AZ Grace

March 17, 2017

January 20, 2017


Where do I start with this beautiful family. The moment I spoke with Liz I knew we would be friends. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Getting to see her family grow is such a blessing. When I started photography almost 4 years ago (wow) I never even though about […]

Lifestyle Newborn, Peoria, AZ Baylor


One of my favorite things about my job is getting to meet people. The Parry family were so cute and great to be around. It brings me joy to get to capture these memories for them. A beautiful family + the desert = AMAZING!

Desert Family Session, Parry, Peoria, AZ

June 15, 2016

June 1, 2016


Bringing home a baby is always a momentous occasion. But for this family it really meant a lot to me to see them bring home a healthy beautiful baby after a tragic still birth 3 years prior. No one could ever prepare for that type of lose. When Tiffany told me she was pregnant again, […]

Sloane Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Peoria, AZ


We finally got in a family vacation after almost a year! It was SO nice to get away for a few days. The weather was perfect and the beaches weren’t busy. We literally spent all day on the beach or in the pool. All I brought was my film camera and a couple rolls of […]

One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month, May 2016, Rocky Point, Mexico

May 25, 2016

May 19, 2016


Breastfeeding is such a special time between mom and baby. I was so excited when Tiffany asked me to capture these for her since she was about to wean her son. Tiffany is a fellow photographer here in Phoenix and we met through one of the Facebook groups. We chatted back and forth and we […]

Tiffany Breastfeeding Session, Scottsdale, AZ


Happy birthday to one of the best people i’ve ever met! She brings so much joy to all our lives. Lots of love to my beautiful friend!¬†

Mel’s 40th Birthday Smash Cake Session, Peoria, AZ

May 10, 2016

April 29, 2016


Finally get back in the swing of my personal film project of my kids. This month I decided just to take a few of us at breakfast time and messed with the lighting. I love that I have these images to look back on us. My challenge to myself is to get in more pictures […]

One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month, April 2016 Personal Film Project