Hi! I'm Lynette. A desert girl, who loves capturing your beauty in this wonderful state. I believe that every woman should get the chance to show off their real beauty.

No matter what stage of life you're in. Maybe you're engaged and want to gift your soon to be hubby with some sexy photos or you're just feeling the need to capture who you are. 

my story

I shoot medium format film and digital. My love for film came from my dad who gave me his film camera right before he passed in 2014. My mission is to capture those precious, fleeting moments of you and your loved ones. Life goes by so fast and we need to capture the time we have with each other. 

My boys, Jeff, Jacob, & Jonah. Yes, we are those people who stayed with the same letter for names. I don't know why but we went with it.

They are full of energy and oh so different from each other. I know the importance of capturing and treasuring every moment because of them. 

Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful moments!

my heart

Ready to capture your best self?