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 Starting at $800

Wedding collections with Lynette begin at $4k and include a second shooter.

Our associate wedding packages begin at $2500 and include a second shooter.

 Sessions begin at $800.

Maternity packages start at
Intimate Weddings starting at $2300



I'm Lynette, a Phoenix Wedding Photographer in love with the desert light. I am a momma to two beautiful boys and married to an amazing man I've known since the sixth grade.
I shoot medium format film and digital. My love for film came from my dad who gave me his film camera right before he passed in 2014. 
My mission is to capture those precious, fleeting moments of you and your loved ones. Life goes by so fast and we need to capture the time we have with each other.
Thank you for stopping by my site and I hope I will have the pleasure to capture those moments for you!

My boys, Jeff, Jacob, & Jonah. Yes, we are those people who stayed with the same letter for names. I don't know why but we went with it. 

They are full of energy and oh so different from each other. I know the importance of capturing and treasuring every moment because of them. 

Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful moments. 



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client love

"Lynette is such a talented photographer and we are so grateful how she captured our wedding so perfectly! Her images are timeless and absolutely gorgeous. It was a pleasure to work with her! Can’t wait to have her capture my maternity photos someday!”

 - Emily J


more love

"I was referred to Lynette by one of my close friends who just so happens to be a photographer. After looking through her beautiful photos I knew she was the one that I wanted to photograph our wedding. She has this ability to capture natural moments in the most gorgeous light. The thing was, she did not do weddings at that time. With some encouragement and maybe a little bit of begging she agreed! Little did I know this girl would be the back bone to my wedding planning (and sanity). 

Lynette has this calming sense about her. It’s hard to explain, but when you are stressed beyond belief she eases all the tension. She makes it fun and effortless, and she does it all so quickly while making you laugh. She is genuine and sweet, considerate and intentional with all that she does. She goes above and beyond with her gestures and then awes you with her incredible work.

Lynette captured our family and friends on our wedding day in the most magical way. I will cherish those pictures forever. If you are a bride or just a girl wanting lovely pictures of your family Lynette is the one!"

–Lexie E.

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Motherhood is the most rewarding role in the world. It is rewarding in so many ways. You are rewarded for the all the hard times, along with the good. Pregnancy is not always an easy road, but every ache and pain is worth it when you get to see your tiny babe for the first time. Taking care of a baby is not a walk in the park, however every sleepless night is worth it when that baby smiles at you for the first time. Raising a toddler can test your patience, but when that little sweet voice says “I love you Mama”… THAT is your reward. 

When your child belly laughs from being tickled, or walks for the first time, THAT is your prize, and THAT is why being a mother is so sweet. The up’s and down’s are worth every minute, and I will do it again and again if my body lets me The things you learn about yourself as a woman is priceless. Every tummy wrinkle, every pound gained and lost, every grey hair, is all okay with me. It is all part of my story as a mother. I live and breathe for my kids, they are my heart and soul, and I love that they made me a mama.