One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month, May, 2015

This month I’m a little behind on getting my scans done. I have a  little bit of pregnancy/mommy brain going on. I can’t wait to incorporate some of the new little one soon. Or at least of us preparing for him/her.
I decided to take some pictures of us cleaning up our pool. Getting ready for the hot summer months of Phoenix. And my mom came into town for her birthday and Mothers day and I had to get some of them playing together.
My friends and I went to a peach farm right outside of Phoenix and I had to get some pictures there. I’m so blessed to have some amazing friends so close.

2015-05-22_0001 2015-05-22_0002 2015-05-22_0003 2015-05-22_0004 2015-05-22_0005 2015-05-22_0006 2015-05-22_0007 2015-05-22_0008

2015-05-22_0015 2015-05-22_0009 2015-05-22_0010 2015-05-22_0011 2015-05-22_0012 2015-05-22_0013 2015-05-22_0014 2015-05-22_0017


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