One Kid, One Roll, Once A Month, August 2015

I went a little crazy with my film shooting while we were in California last month and had to try out some b&w. I’m loving it! There is just something so simple and beautiful about it. Now go check out the amazing Jen Golay on the next One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month post! Check out the amazing Jen Golay!

2015-08-13_0001 2015-08-13_0002 2015-08-13_0003 2015-08-13_0004 2015-08-13_0005 2015-08-13_0006

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  1. Jen Golay says:

    Beautiful! Black and white is so classic. I’m glad you “went a little crazy with your film shooting!” And I’ll be you are, too! 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I agree with Jen–so classic! Those are some beautiful souvenirs, as well!

  3. LĂ©a says:

    What beautiful series of black and white on the beach. I am still terrified of black and white, these are gorgeous and I really like the angle on the third one down. so precious! xxx, LĂ©a

  4. Catherine Rodriguez says:

    Beautiful! My favorite is 4th one down–perfect for framing!

  5. carrie geddie says:

    Love these! I am always a sucker for BW at the beach – such great memories preserved!

  6. Megan Dill says:

    I love seeing black and white from you! Love your different perspectives in these– and that compass photo is rad!

  7. jackie says:

    Gorgeous black and white! Those shells especially 🙂 Also, your images always bring me back to when my now 14 yr son was a little guy <3