One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month, November 2015 Baby boy #2

Welcome to the world Jonah Vidal! He took his sweet time for sure. I “patiently” waited for his arrival and finally by 41 weeks my doctor decided to induce me. Which kind of worked out better anyone so that my mom could be here and watch my son instead of waiting for that call that my water broke and rushing down here from out of state. It took the stress out of that.

I can’t wait to keep capturing more images of him and his brother on film. I would of tried to get one of both of them but with all the newborn craziness didn’t get to it. I did however have an awesome photographer friend come by and she took a few with me in them. I told myself that I will be in pictures from now on even if i don’t feel my best.

Thank you for following my film journey so far. It has been such an amazing thing to see these images of my son growing up.

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