Indoor/Desert Maternity Shoot, Phoenix, AZ Angela

My very first shoot out! I loved how everything turned out. I wanted it to be simple yet epic and I think we captured that. Dana with The Floral Theory killed it and Angela aka Mrs. Minty is stunning and totally rocked it. So excited to share this prettiness with you all! Hope you enjoy and heres a few words from out stunning mama about motherhood.

“Motherhood is the most rewarding role in the world. It is rewarding in so many ways. You are rewarded for the all the hard times, along with the good. Pregnancy is not always an easy road, but every ache and pain is worth it when you get to see your tiny babe for the first time. Taking care of a baby is not a walk in the park, however every sleepless night is worth it when that baby smiles at you for the first time. Raising a toddler can test your patience, but when that little sweet voice says “I love you Mama”‚Ķ THAT is your reward. When your child belly laughs from being tickled, or walks for the first time, THAT is your prize, and THAT is why being a mother is so sweet. The up’s and down’s are worth every minute, and I will do it again and again if my body lets me ūüôā The things you learn about yourself as a woman is priceless. Every tummy wrinkle, every pound gained and lost, every grey hair, is all okay with me. It is all part of my story as a mother. I live and breathe for my kids, they are my heart and soul, and I love that they made me a mama.” – Angela

Florals- Dana-
Hair & Makeup- Minty Beauty Co.
Model- Mrs. Minty
Studio Rental Space-

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