Getting to witness love is just the best job in the world. These two made my job so easy and I’m so excited to share their photos with you and a little story of how they met below. Enjoy!

“Our parents were long-time friends and actually introduced us during a backpacking trip in 2013. It’s always really cool to tell people that we met in the bottom of a canyon and had our first kiss under a waterfall in Havasupai. In the last five years, we’ve been able to grow together, purchase our first home, and welcome our son into the world.

It’s somewhat of a miracle that he pulled off a surprise proposal because I’m the worst at spoiling surprises. For my birthday, we planned a road trip along the Oregon coast. We pulled off to check out one of my favorite beaches and we were snapping photos with my tripod at the top of a cliff. He asked for one more picture and asked me to marry him. It was absolutely perfect and I’m so glad I have a picture of it! We’re getting married on the same beach next year.”– Shelby

Shelby & Cory Engagement Session | Phoenix, AZ | Desert Engagement

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